Welcome to the church of Christ in Nanaimo.

We invite you to fellowship with us as we praise and glorify God in prayer and acapella singing; read from the scriptures; partake in Communion as we reflect on the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ due to His atoning sacrifice for us, and delve into the word of God as we consider the many applications of its use in our lives through lessons and sermons.

Our aim is to build us all up spiritually while we fellowship together and glorify God in our worship.

Whether you are a travelling visitor or someone seeking to find a church where you will be welcomed, we look forward to meeting you and the opportunity to get to know you.

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Worship With Us

Sunday Service

10:00am - Bible Study and Children's Classes
11:00am - Worship Service


LIFE-Group Studies and fellowship in member homes
Contact us for days/times and directions


Where we Worship: 

1720 Meredith Rd

Nanaimo, BC

(250) 758-9412

Email: nanaimococ@gmail.com



Our dream for the church in Nanaimo is for it to know and experience God's grace, and to acknowledge with thanksgiving the gifts that have been given to its members so that, in using those gifts, they can abound in every good work.

Our dream for the church in Nanaimo is for us to GROW strong in the Word, joyful in our REAL love for one another, vibrant, active in leading souls to Christ, and growing in spiritual maturity.

Our dream for the church in Nanaimo is that we be known in the community as a powerful force for good; for our Spirit-filled LOVE, joy, unity, and an attitude of forgiveness, that we reflect the character of Christ, that people be drawn to Him through us, to the glory of God.